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Are you ready for 2011??? Thank you to those of you who fished with us last year - you were the BEST! We are expecting lots more of fun and excitement this year. We recognise that your choice to visit St. Thomas and book a trip with Marlin Prince are carefully considered decisions. Our pledge to you is that we will continue to evaluate our operation to provide you with the very best fishing experience possible! Thank you in advance for your decision, we appreciate you choosing to spend your day with us! So... if you want to just relax and enjoy the experience of professional deep sea fishing, we can do that. If you aspire to be a top angler, we can take you there! You will use tournament grade equipment for traditional trolling, pitch baiting, or stand-up techniques. We are ready for you!

Captain Eddie Morrison is starting his 27th season in St Thomas. While we do catch lots more than "just" blue marlin: to date Captain Eddie has caught close to 1400 blue marlin. Looking back, the record breaking 1999 season alone produced 96 releases by our guests, earning him the Billfish Foundation's "Top Captain Blue Marlin Release" award. He earned the award again in 2005.

Just last summer Captain Eddie was recognised the 2010 Atlantic Blue Marlin Tournament's Board of Captains: Captain of the Year!

In the prestigious USVI Open Tournament/ABMT the Marlin Prince team has taken "Top Captain and Crew seven times over the past ten years. Also in the USVI Open, Marlin Prince won 2nd place overall in 2004. In 2005 they placed 2nd overall in the July Open Billfish Tournament. And in 2006 six released Blue Marlin caught during the USVI Open (2nd leg of the series) positioned angler Davis Clapp to win the "Top Angler Overall in the Bermuda Triangle Tournament Series. Followed up in 2007 with the USVI Open "Top Lady Angler" award going to our guest from Louisiana.

To date one of the most exciting catches aboard Marlin Prince was when a guest a released, on a spinning rod, the "largest ever" at the time, tag and release on 20lb. tippet fly rod at approx... 225 lbs. For those of you into fly-fishing, this fish was "legitimately fly rod released" THREE TIMES, the first time in less than 4 minutes, the second a few seconds later! The angler worked for an additional hour to get this fish in and tagged before it swam away!

This POTENTIAL WORLD RECORD fish was not killed due to Federal regulations restricting kills - for any reason, on blue marlin under 99" or approx. 300lbs. The standing world record for blue marlin on fly is 208lbs.

Check us out in th e Jan. 2010 and Jan. 2008 "On the Edge" tournament magazine. see the online magazine at (www.abmt.vi/pages/otedirective.htm)

Join us for an awesome day on the water! We genuinely love what we do! It's not just numbers for us, we want YOU to have the best day on the water possible! "I want you to catch fish, have a great time then go tell your friends all about it then come back again!" - Captain Eddie

Our Testimonials

"Marlin Prince is a perennial high placer in the St. Thomas tournament scene "
Marlin Magazine

"Awesome hands-on teaching experience! We learned how to make it happen! Captain Eddie and his crew are true professionals!"
M. Spooner, Graduate, Marlin University - St. Thomas

"All 3 of our children caught a nice mahi! Thanks Brent for the coaching! We want to reserve the same day this April!
Tom & Sally Smithwick, Georgia

"By far, the most professional charter operation in the world!"
M. Johnson, Chicago, IL

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