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So What's Biting?

Offshore St. Thomas – Head out 6 to 20 miles to the “North or South Drop”.

May through October is our Blue Marlin season; 12-14 days before the full moon, to 2-5 days after, is the most active time in the lunar cycle to fish. That said Captain Eddie caught his biggest marlin at over 800lbs on the darkside of the July moon. Generally, early in the season, May and June, there will be fewer bites (one to three) this could be big females (400lbs+) as we move through the summer months the number of bites will pick up, the fish size drops off. By the October moon we see 6-10 bites (or more) a day of 250lbs. males. So when's best? That depends on what you want to target - The bigger fish are typically early, August is a good mix but busy with tournaments. September is active. October has traditionally been the best for the number of bites in a day. Also, many of the private boats leave for Venezuala plus the weather is typically beautiful! BUT 2009 September blew all records away. One boat, the Revenge caught 10 blues in just one day. Congratulations to Sam Jennings, one amazing angler - 81 years young!!!

Other than marlin?
Yellowfin tunas are a possibility as are some nice bull mahi-mahi (dolphin). What about the weather? Early June and July can be breezy, later if there's not a hurricane nearby it's very calm!

November through March is best for wahoo, we will also catch yellowfin tuna, sailfish, barracuda, jacks, blackfin tuna and some mahi-mahi (dolphin. You name it we might catch it this time of the year!

April and May is our mahi-mahi (dolphin) season. When the run starts it can be fast and furious with the schools of mahi running 20-50 pounds. Along with the mahi we can get a good white marlin showing, and in lucky years an early blue marlin bite. You could even hook up a wahoo or two as well. Springtime can really exciting!

"While every species has a season and we have caught each of these fish every month of the year, including blue marlin. Even in January I will pull at least 2 billfish baits in the spread. We will always be fishing for the most prevalent species for the time of year. I want you to catch fish and you will!"... Captain Eddie

Inshore St Thomas – 1 to 5 miles out.

Note: We don't offer the half day trip option in July or August on the Viking.

Species in the inshore waters don't vary too much by season. We will be targeting kingfish, blackfin tuna, bonita, jacks and some very large barracudas.

January 19 July 15
February 18 August 13
March 19 September 12
April 18 October 12
May 17 November 10
June 15 December 10
The most active period for the Blue Marlin bite generally falls 12-14 days before the full moon, to 2-5 days after, in the lunar cycle.

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